Demosthenes Spiropoulos

I wouldn't call myself a professional nor proficient meme-maker, but I have been known to create a few for some quick and easy laughs. Figured I should bring them all home to roost.

Too soon? Probably.

For a brief period of time, I found myself making memes out of art. For no reason.

(He really does though)

(Willing to entertain any and all guesses)

One morning, I stumbled across this beautiful blue jay on Instragram (maybe?). So I made a bunch of random memes while still in bed.

Movies and television are always a ripe source of meme material. I just pick more obscure sources.

(admittedly, I heard the phrase spoken aloud, but felt it needed to be memed)

(if you know, you know)

(it was a very hot summer before we got the A/C unit)

(my bespectacled brothers and sisters know what's up)

(this eyeroll should get as much love as the Picard facepalm)

(I saw the sorting pepper elsewhere, but I gave it the Japalenodor)

What's a better source of inspiration that movies and television? Real life.

(I took this photo when dropping Zoe off at elementary school. I really did lay on the horn.)

(I really do own this. It would have been perfect on my old van. Not so much on the new ride.)

(This hit close to home for a few people. But then...)

(...the Elves came and made it all better.)

(It's at the Barnes & Noble at the Long Beach Towne Center)

(This panda was seen in the wild at the Torrid in the Brea Mall)

(People really thought this was legit. It is, just not at my work, but at the Natural History Museum)

Lastly, just some random nonsense

(Other versions of this exist, I just cleaned it up a bit)

(This one always slays 'em)

(Every week, my most popular pin on Pinterest is this one)


(Back from 2001, this may be my very first meme. Even before memes were a thing)

(Again... FACT)

Thanks for visiting. Love, Demosthenes Spiropoulos