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I've designed sports jerseys for many moons. Sports and design is like chocolate and peanut butter... delicious. However, it was when a group of friends at work and I started doing fantasy sports together, that I flexed some extra (and wholly unnecessary) creative muscle. It was not just constructing a winning team, you should look good doing it.

Longtime visitors of my site have seen these before, but I have added some extra Designer's Notes to explain my thought process (it'll be messy).

Crimson Axe
Grand Baseball League

Crimson Axe
Est.: 2003

Designer's Notes: Get ready for a journey here. First, the League logo is also something I created. The player is a stock image I found from the internet, but the trees and the diamond were pulled/inspired by our workplace branding (if you know, you know). As for the team name, it came to me in a dream. Sort of. In my dream, "Crimson Cutters" was the name of a unit in the British army. I woke up thinking that was a cool name. I was going to go with that, but I was also bobbing around the name "The Axe." Naturally, I put it to a vote. Axe was the clear winner, but I added Crimson to it, because I felt it bumped it up a notch. And the Crimson Axe was born. Using crossed axes for form an X seemed like creative gift so I ran with it.

Crimson Axe home cap
Crimson Axe home cap
Crimson Axe home jersey
Crimson Axe home jerseys: Primary "Reds" and Sunday Alternates

Designer's Notes: On the home uniform collection, the primary home "red" jersey is an homage to the Arsenal jersey of the late 1990's. I have always loved that design of not just white sleeves, but the white side panels as well. I figured a team called the Crimson Axe should be primarily red, so the team wears red at home. The white alternate jersey (only to be worn on Sundays) has a wide shoulder strip because I am sucker for that design style, so I slapped one on. Even though the white top would be paired with white pants, the red stripe catches your attention. Because, crimson.

Crimson Axe away cap
Crimson Axe away cap
Crimson Axe away jerseys
Crimson Axe away jerseys: Primary and Alternate "Weekenders"

Designer's Notes: For the road jerseys, I kept the axe on the chest from the Sunday whites (though it was on this jersey first), and go with a variation of an old-timey sleeve coloring. Paired with grey pants, this may be the plainest look of the group. They are in stark contrast to the black alternates (called the Weekender). The Weekender has the sleeve/side panel off-color like the home reds, and helps steer this from being just a black-for-black's-sake jersey. With the upswept name on front, a jersey number was added for balance (and purposely omitted from the other three).



Est.: 2003
Titles: 2003-2004 League Champions
2004-2005 League Champions
2010-2011 League Champions

X-Philharmonic 2003-2004 Championship Banner X-Philharmonic 2004-2005 Championship Banner X-Philharmonic 2010-2011 Championship Banner

Designer's Notes: When I signed up for the basketball league, I had just put X as the team name as a placeholder. Some guys thought I should just leave it as such, but I wanted something with more flair. I had played on a club team called the Symphony All-Stars, and I liked that musical aspect. On a whim, I changed the team name to X-Philharmonic and it stuck.

Obviously, the Utah Jazz feature a music note in their logo, so I made sure to make my note look like a real music note, and not a basketball with a flag. The wordmark is supposed to evoke music wafting in the air, and as for orange and grey as colors... well, that color combo just hit me at that moment and I fell in love with it.

X-Philharmonic home jersey
X-Phils: White home jersey

X-Philharmonic away jersey
X-Phils: Orange away jersey

Designer's Notes: The side paneling are more than just fun designs. Musicians can easily spot that the home white jersey features a treble clef (yes, upside down), and road orange jersey features a sixteenth note (also inverted). It is those subtle musical nods that really elevate the look.

Throughout the years, there were a couple of different alternate looks, but in a case of addition by subtraction, I trimmed it down to this two uni set, and I think they stand excellently on their own.

Halifax Hoozahs


Halifax Hoozahs
Est.: 2003
Titles: 2003-2004 Bronze Medalists
2005-2006 Silver Medalists
2006-2007 Silver Medalists
2007-2008 Silver Medalists
2009-2010 Grand Cup Champions
2009-2010 Campbell Conference Champions
2009-2010 President's Trophy Winners
2010-2011 Silver Medalists
2010-2011 Campbell Conference Champions

Halifax Hoozahs 2003-2004 Bronze Medal Banner Halifax Hoozahs 2005-2006 Silver Medal Banner Halifax Hoozahs 2006-2007 Silver Medal Banner Halifax Hoozahs 2007-2008 Silver Medal Banner Halifax Hoozahs 2009-2010 Grand Cup Champions Halifax Hoozahs 2010-2011 Silver Medal Banner

Designer's Notes: Your first question is undoubtedly, "What's a Hoozah?" It's just a made up word. And it came by listening to a little Dean Martin. Track 11 on the CD, "The Best of Dean Martin," is "On an Evening in Roma." In the first part, there is an organ featured, and it sounds like an organ you'd hear at an old-timey hockey rink during games. So when that part came up, I blurted out, "Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the ice, your Halifax Hooooooooozzzzahs! My wife asked, "The Halifax what?" Me: "Not the What. The Hoozahs." Her: "What the hell is a Hoozah?" Me: "They are all over Nova Scotia." Her: "I don't believe you."

The logo is simply a mashup of an H, and the flag of Nova Scotia, which features a blue cross on a white field with the Scottish Royal Coat of Arms in the center. Clean, simple, and very effective.

Halifax Hoozahs blue jersey
Hoozahs: Blue Home Jersey

Designer's Notes: Nothing too crazy on the home uni. Blue with the logo on the chest. Big, wide, yellow shoulder/sleeve stripes (there they are again), allow for the red lion to really pop on the shoulders.

Halifax Hoozahs white jersey
Hoozahs: White Away Jersey

Designer's Notes: Here's something a little more eclectic. The inspiration for the white is the Nova Scotia flag. Imagine a large flag draped on a player. The oversized coat of arms rests on the shoulder, and the blue cross radiates from there, allowing for a sash-like effect on the front and back (another favorite design element).

Halifax Hoozahs alternate jersey
Hoozahs Alternate: Black 3rd Jersey

Designer's Notes: Admittedly, this is an unnecessary (and black) alternate jersey. However, it continues the tribute to Nova Scotia. Instead of the primary logo on the chest, I've substituted a secondary logo starring the uninterrupted flag of Nova Scotia. Also, as Nova Scotia means New Scotland, I felt I needed to work a plaid in. This tartan is the official tartan of Nova Scotia, and its placement evokes the imagery of a sash and kilt a proper Scotsman would wear.

DMO United FC


DMO United FC
Est.: 2007
Titles: 2007-2008 League Champions

DMO United FC 2008 Premiership Champions

Designer's Notes: This design is one where I had a base (me from the branding of my website at that time) and just meandered my way through a design. No rhyme or reason for any of these colors or design elements, I just went with the flow. On one hand, this is actually a very serviceable mark. On the other hand, I could probably do better.

DMO United FC jerseys
DMO United FC: White home jersey and Red & Black away jersey

Designer's Notes: Obviously, I was on an Adidas kick (no pun intended), and used one of their templates for my design. I feel white shirt/colored shorts is always a solid choice for the home kit, so I went there with this. The use of red and black stripes on the away kit is not something I would have ever considered for a namesake club, but much like the logo, I just went with where the kits took me. Does this look like a rip-off of AC Milan or Atlanta United? Yes. If I wanted to stay with a red/white/black color palette, could I design something better? Also, yes.



Est.: 2003
Titles: Grand Bowl VII
2009 League Champions

Impalers 2009 GFL Champions

Designer's Notes: Simply put, the name Impalers was my wife's idea. However, I didn't listen to her, and the first year of the league, I called the team the 2x4's with a wood beam for a helmet logo. The next season, I heeded my wife's inspiration and Impalers arose from ashes of that first season. Coincidentally, the new logo also features wood, and the new helmet has a single wooden stake as an homage to the original logo.

Impalers home jersey
Impalers: Home jersey

Impalers away jersey
Impalers: Away jersey

Impalers helmet
Impalers: Helmet design

Designer's Notes: Amazingly, another red/white/black design, and another design with a X somewhere prominent (the crossed stakes). Apparently, the early 2000's was my red/black phase as a designer.

The home jersey is simply enough with a red body and black sleeves, but the pants were a conscious design move. When combined with the top, it's supposed to look like a stake. Not 100% sure that's aged particularly well in the last 15 years. The away white jersey also features purposeful design choices with the oversized logo on the left shoulder, and the red running down the right sleeve, and the rightmost quarter of the jersey and pant. The asymmetrical style, coupled with the the Impaler identity, this look should imply certain nefarious intentions and imagery, and be a bit unsettling. Admittedly, without this backstory, it may come across as just sloppy. C'est le vie.

Thanks for visiting. Love, Demosthenes Spiropoulos