Demosthenes Spiropoulos

Every other random tidbits of design get unloaded here.

This is freshly baked, and I had a lot of fun with this gem.

This couldn't get any more self-explanatory, and I dust it off every 4th of July.

Back in 2016, Disney was doing some sort of social media thing where if you posted a hand-crafted pair of Mickey eyes, they'd donate something to someone. Anyway, these got posted, and were well received, but try and guess which one was the biggest winner of the bunch.

Twenty years ago (seriously, this was back in 2000), I ran the internal newsletter for a multi-national corporation. This electronic publication was known as the PS News and Whirled Report, as a riff on the well-known periodical. The last 20 issues or so had a "cover" that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the contents in that issue. As we were an internet company during the first dot com bubble, we were irreverent, played by our own rules, and I got away with a lot of extremely humorous, yet highly questionable, editorial decisions.

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